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What it is

ASDF-System-Connections provides auto-loading of systems that only make sense when several other systems are loaded. If I'm lucky, an example will make this clear! CL-Containers and CL-Variates are separate systems and can therefore be loaded independently. If both of them are loaded, however, then it makes sense to also load code that uses CL-Variates to sample random elements from containers. Rather than requiring you to remember to load that extra system (and to load it only after both Cl-Containers and CL-Variates are loaded), ASDF-System-Connections lets you set things up so that loading happens automatically.

Here is a simple example from metabang-bind's system definition:

(asdf:defsystem-connection bind-and-metatilities  
       :requires (metabang-bind metatilities-base)  
       :perform (load-op :after (op c)  
                         (use-package (find-package :metabang-bind)  
                                      (find-package :metatilities)))) 

The requires clause specifies the other systems that must be loaded before this connection will be activated. The rest of the system definition is regular ASDF. ASDF-System-connections will be loaded as soon as the systems they require are all loaded and they will only be loaded once. Before loading a system that uses a system connection, you should load ASDF-System- Connections in the usual manner:

(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'asdf-system-connections)  

Mailing Lists

Nope. Sorry, there isn't one. You can, however, contact Gary King. The best way to keep updated is to follow the metabang weblog: unClog

Where is it

the current ASDF-System-Connections repository is on github and you can clone it using:

git clone git:// 

Its CLiki home is right where you'd expect.

What is happening

24 February 2013
Updates to make ASC happ(ier) with ASDF; website tweaks

19 October 2008
Website rework -- no fire, just smoke